sand to stone



Sand To Stone is a fantasy world set in a desert ravaged by humanoid sand creatures called the Risen that turn to stone when in contact with water, creating a landscape of horrifying rock formations. It was a semester-long project for a Worldbuilding class at Digipen. 

As a Narrative Designer

  • Presented a comprehensive worldbuilding creative bible to and engaged in conversations with industry professionals from Paizo and Nintendo at a personal booth.

  • Defined social interactions and dynamics between character groups using a character map and relationship matrix.

  • Constructed a 25-year historical timeline and timetable of events in various spheres of human endeavor.

  • Created a world map to visualize dynamic human settlements and their proximity to natural resources, transportation networks, and territory.

  • Developed the creatures that inhabit the lands, detailing their place in the ecosystem, behavioral patterns, physical appearance, and relationship with humans.

  • Conceived 3 distinct cultural groups with their own cultural symbols, core beliefs and values, traits, motivations, rituals, and mythologies.





Seimei is a Xianxia fantasy world loosely inspired by Ancient China during the Six Dynasties period. As opposed to the Wuxia fantasy genre, Xianxia fantasy incorporates more elements of magic and mythical beings with traditional martial arts. It was a semester-long project for a Roleplaying Game Design class at DigiPen.

As a Narrative Designer

  • Compiled a worldbuilding document that would serve as a guide for writers, game designers, artists, and sound designers.

  • Weaved the concept of Qi and the Five Elements into the metaphysics of the world and the underlying mechanics of the RPG system.

  • Created a region map detailing the environment surrounding storyline locations and expected paths.

  • Designed a city through 3 stages of development to observe the city's history, and the growth and distribution of population, establishments, and resources.

  • Visualized the three-act narrative structure of a storyline as graphs of emotional valence plotted through each emotional beat.