A short story written from the perspective of Joey who is blind as she remembers her mother while cleaning out her childhood bedroom.

The following is a short snippet:

Right next to the bed was the small cabinet, wooden with a light lacquer finish. I extend my arm to make contact and give it a good knock. Sounds just like how I remember it, dull but oddly comforting. My fingers follow the wood grain to where the knob of the first drawer is. As I pull it open, it makes a sound like a bowling ball rolling down the alley. I reach my hand into the drawer, excited yet nervous about what I would find from my childhood.



A short story about a child dealing with her parents’ separation.

The following is a short snippet:

“Why are you sad Tong Tong?” Natalie asks a curled-up dolphin plushy with a pink underbelly. “Did Little Bao say something bad?”

Natalie immediately turns to a panda plushy seated by the edge of the bedframe, beady-eyed with shame and guilt. As she crawls over to Little Bao, her white hairband slips slightly forward and she quickly fixes it, desperately keeping her shoulder-length hair out of her face. Arms akimbo, she interrogates Little Bao.