Shung Min (Desmond) Tham

I am a student at DigiPen Institute of Technology, set to graduate Fall 2019 with a BA in Game Design. I found a love for narrative design, often involving myself in the various aspects of worldbuilding, character design, and storytelling.

I believe that at the core of any design is intention, and at the core of this intention is an understanding of the user. A designer's intent thus becomes justified when the user becomes involved. To understand the user, one must be willing to consider diversity in views and perspectives. 

I have the privilege of representing a diverse cultural background - having grown up in multi-cultural Malaysia, being able to think and speak in multiple languages, and having traveled to many different countries in the world. As a narrative designer, it is my hope that I can represent this diversity in the community around and in the virtual worlds within video games.

Many a great world have existed in video games, but our own world has just as much to offer if we are open to explore it within and without ourselves.